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SoulPancake’s SubCultures: Home-Made Haunted Houses

SoulPancake.com (Rainn Wilson’s website) runs a series of short videos looking at different subcultures. Since it is now October, it only makes sense that SoulPancake would turns its camera lens upon home haunters. The six-minute vid features Jeff Schiefelbein, who made the transition from amateur haunting to professional with his Sinister Pointe Haunted Attraction. Also on view are Brandon Spletter and Trevor Nielson, who operate what looks like a very cool yard haunt in Yorba Linda (which is a bit our of our jurisdiction so we have never seen it in person).

Listen closely at the very beginning, and you will hear Hollywood Gothique’s voice, offering an explanation for what motivates home haunters. And they didn’t even give me a credit! What gives?