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Queen Mary docking at Spooky House?

Since the untimely death of Spooky House owner Bob Koritzke in July, it has been unclear whether the long-running Halloween haunt – one of the most successful in Los Angeles – would continue without him. I have just heard that the Spooky House brand name has been sold; it will be incorporated into the Queen Mary Terror Fest (billed as “Spooky House at the Queen Mary”). This year’s Queen Mary Halloween attraction will launch on October 2, running every Friday and Saturday throughout the month.

Koritzke also owned or co-owned Seaside Haunt, Fearplex, Old Town Haunt , and Skull Kingdom. Seaside Haunt and Fearplex will apparently not be in operation this year. Old Town Haunt, now under exclusive ownership of Ron Rogge, will be in operation, starting on September 25. No word on what if anything is happening with Skull Kingdom, but last year’s website is down – never a good sign.

UPDATE: In fact, the 2009 Halloween event at the Queen Mary was billed as “Shipwreck Halloween at the Haunted Queen Mary.” Shipwreck Productions, who had overseen the Queen Mary Halloween TerrorFest, were not involved. The new Queen Mary Halloween event was handled by the company that had purchased the rights to the old Spooky House and Seaside Haunt materials.