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STORM WARNING Q&A with Director Jamie Blanks

One of the strongest films at this year’s Screamfest horror film festival was STORM WARNING, written by Everett DeRoche and directed by Jamie Blanks. It’s about a couple out boating off the coast of Australia who get caught in a storm and end up on an isolated island with some rather unfriendly inhabitants. Mixing elements of DELIVERANCE and STRAW DOGS, the film doens’t flinch from showing gruesome violence, but even viewers who normally shy away from this kind of thing may find STORM WARNING watchable. It strikes the perfect balance between set-up and payback: instead of eighty minutes of atrocities perpetrated on our lead charactes in exchange for a final-reel comeuppance for the villains, it’s more of a half-and-half formula, which works perfectly.

In the video, director Jamie Blanks answers questions from the audience after the Screamfest screening.