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Halloween in Pomona Valley

Halloween Events in Pomona Valley, including La Verne and Montclair. Reviews, Videos, Interviews.

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Video Interview & Review: Delusion’s Jon Braver evokes Nocturnes & Nightmares

Like a horror version of the MCU’s Avengers, Nocturnes & Nightmares assembles characters from previous installments to bring Delusion Phase

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Interactive Plays & Immersive ExperiencesLA Theatre Gothique

Delusion: Valley of Hollows (Review & Interview)

Christopher Stafford explains 13th Floor Entertainment Group’s strategy to turn Delusion Interactive Theatre into an industry instead of a hobby.

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Funhouses & Mazes

Nightmare: A Haunted Attraction at Fairplex: 2010 Review

Dates: October 14-16, 21-23, 28-31
Location: Fairplex, 1101 W. McKinley Avenue, Pomona, CA 91765
. For 2010, Nightmare at Scareview Farms expands to five mazes and adds some other entertainment as well. If the results seem stretched a little thin, the haunt still offers solid Halloween entertainment for those who enjoy a good scare in a setting that is more fun than frightening.

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