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Last Chance to Visit 2nd Chance Manor

2nd Chance Manor (formerly Molar Manor) has been in limbo since 2007. The haunted attraction, which bills itself as a self-guided tour through a 9,000-square-foot twisted maze of special effects and animatronics, ceased updating its website after April 2009. Phone messages and emails were not returned; the website disappeared, leaving only an unattended MySpace page; and during our latest visit to the location (in a shopping mall), the facility looked closed. So imagine our surprise to receive an email invitation to 2nd Chance Manor’s final days, which take place this weekend. That the haunt will be shuffling off this mortal coil is not startling; that it is even still around, however, is surprising. We only attended the Manor on one occasion, during Halloween 2007, but we enjoyed it immensely and recommend that you not miss this opportunity to experience it yourself before it disappears into the great beyond.

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