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Scary Musical: The Musical

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Halloween 2014: Haunted Plays, Scary Musicals & Other Terrifying Theatrical Events

Halloween theme park attractions and haunted houses are great, but Los Angeles has much more to offer the seasoned haunt-goer.

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Celebrate Scary Musical: The Musical with a Scary-tini

Hollywood Gothique is just back from sipping a Scary-tini at the Eclectic Cafe in North Hollywood. What’s a Scary-tini? It’s a new drink (essentially a Cosmopolitan) crafted to coincide with Scary Musical: The Musical, which is playing at the NoHo Arts Center, just around the corner on Magnolia Boulevard.

After seeing the play, stop in at the Eclectic with your theatre program, and you can get a Scary-tini for free! You will need to order an appetizer or an entree, but the food is great, and so is the drink – a mild martini with a slightly sweet citrus flavor.

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