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Trepany House

Trepany House is a non-profit organization that has presented such live shows as Nevermore, Re-Animator: The Musical, and Bride of Blood. Originally located at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, they are now housed at the Titmouse Warehouse.

LA Theatre Gothique

Nevermore will run some more at Steve Allen Theatre

NEVERMORE – an evening with Edgar Allan Poe, featuring “Prose, Poetry and Perversion” – has had its run at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood extended yet again. The originally scheduled performances (ending on July 31) sold out weeks in advance, so the play was extended to August 29, then into September, and now until October 31. See below the fold for details.

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In Person: Don Coscarelli & Angus Scrimm with Phantasm 2, James Cameron with Aliens & The Abyss; Cast & Crew of Dark and Stormy Night

Friday is a busy day for in-person appearances, with no less than three scheduled. Two are related to old classic and cult films; the other is for a premiere of a new would be cult film: director Don Coscarelli and Angus Scrimm will be appearing in between a double bill of their work; director James Cameron will answer questions in between a double bill of ALIENS and THE ABYSS; and the cast and crew of A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT (from the people who made THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA) will appear in Hollywood for the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

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