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Terminator Salvation with D-Box Motion Magic at Chinese Theatres in Hollywood

When it opens next week at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the nearby Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood, the new TERMINATOR film will be presented with a motion simulation process called D-BOX that purports to offer a full emmersive cinematic experience that you can not only see and hear but also feel. Although described as “genuinely new” and “uniquely different,” it sounds a lot like the old Sensurround system to us – which made its debut at the Chinese Theatre way back in the 1970s for EARTHQUAKE.

Location: The Mann Grauman’s Chinese Theatres in Hollywood 6925 Hollywood Blvd and the Mann Chinese 6 Theatre¬†¬†6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood
Phone: (323) 464-8111

Theatre Website: Click here
D-BOX Website: Click here
Date: The official release date for TERMINATOR SALVATION is Thursday, May 21, but the first screenings start on Wednesday night at midnight (technically Thursday morning).