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The Experiment returns for Halloween 2016

The ExperimentCreating Arts Studio resurrects The Experiment: a Rockin’ Frank + Wighead Insane Cabaret for a two-night run this Halloween. Performances will take place in the basement of Clifton’s Cafe in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29.

The show, which made its debut last year, is set in a 1950s West German mental institution, run by Dr. Bradley and Nurse Janice, where the patients (actors) think that they are the characters they play. According to the website description: “Upon arrival the candy stripers will check you in and usher you to the day room, where you’ll shudder with….anticipation to meet the resident patients. Get up close and personal with them as they wind you through a tangled tale of sex, power and madness. Get lost in a time warp in the songs and dance of this sexy, eerie 360 degree, completely immersive insane parody cabaret. But don’t worry, all patients are under sedation and promise not even an inch of anger.”

The Experiment: a Rockin’ Frank + Wighead Insane Cabaret, which features a little Rocky Horror in its DNA, features adult content, so no one under 21 will be allowed. No touching the actors.

Clifton’s is located at 648 S Broadway in Los Angeles. Performances take placeat 8pm and 11pm on on both nights. Run time is 90 minutes with a 15-Minute Intermission. Learn more here: www.cacstudios.com/theexperiment

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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