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Trailer: The Monsters Without

This low-budget science fiction film gets a one-week run at the Cinelounge Sunset in Hollywood. Written and directed by Randal Kamradt, The Monsters Without explores a world in which a secret organization called PHASE overseas the peaceful coexistence of humans and monsters coexists peacefully – until a rogue faction of monsters called “The Nameless” enter our dimension, forcing monster and human to band together to save the world. The cast includes Jake Macapagal, Jessica Neistadt, and Christina Yr. Lim.

Shot in the Biliran province of the Philippines, The Monsters Without features creatures native to the region, such as the Aswang and Kapre. The film made its debut at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in 2021 and has apparently been sitting on the shelf since then, until indie distributor Indican Pictures picked it up for North American release. (Sharp-eyed viewers will note that the Filipino cast is never seen speaking the English dialogue heard on the soundtrack, which makes it seem as if the film was dubbed, but apparently it was shot in English.)

The Monsters Without runs from April 28 through May 4 with screenings nightly at 7:30pm. Cinelounge Sunset is located at 6464 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. The website is  cineloungefilm.com.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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