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Verdugos Yard Haunts updated

Did you know there is a region of Los Angeles named “The Verdugos?” Neither did we! It is made up of seven neighborhoods (cities and unincorporated areas), including Glendale, Pasadena, and Altadena. Since there are too few yard haunts in those neighborhoods to justify listing each one individually, we plan to adopt The Verdugos for future use.

Because “The Verdugos” is not as well known as, say, “San Gabriel Valley,” it may seem unwise to use it as a designation for an area of Los Angeles containing Halloween home haunts, but you know what? “Verdugo” translates from the Spanish as “Executioner,” which is too good to pass up.

For Halloween 2018, we visited Glendale on October 28, because that was the last day that The Farm (pictured at top) and the Opechee Haunt were operating. Today, we have updated that post to include a capsule comment on Forgotten Hallows in Pasadena, and we have added more photographs to the listing of the Farm. The article is titled “Halloween Haunt Odyssey 2018: Glendale & Pasadena Yard Haunts,” because those were the only two cities we visited this season, but next year we intend to start using the “The Verdugos” to designate these areas.

You can read the post here.

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