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Vice.com declares me a “Halloween Super Fan”

Well, more precisely, they listed us among a number super fans eagerly enjoying as many Halloween events as possible now that most Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. Let us explain…

In a previous post, we teased the fact that we had attended the soiree for the Icons of Darkness exhibition currently on display at Hollywood and Highland. What we did not mention was that, apart from the lure of free liquor, the reason for our presence was that photographer Jamie Lee Curtis Taete was there to grab pics of us for a piece that just published at Vice.com. Titled “Behold, The Return of the Halloween Superfan,” it’s a photo essay about fans, home haunters, and scare actors resuming their Halloween habits after a season that was sadly truncated last year due to the pandemic. (For context, Taete did a similar piece about people returning to Vegas post-pandemic).

I show up about a third of the way down, taking a photograph of T-Rex at Icons of Darkness. You can see the dino-pic above, along with a shot of Taete snapping the photo of me snapping the photo of the dinosaur. You have to click through to Vice to see the pic Taete took.

Below, for the curious, are a handful of shots from the Icons of Darkness cocktail soiree, which took place at the Chinese 6 Theatres to promote the horror-themed exhibition of movie costumes, props, and life-sized figures. It’s definitely worth visiting, as we mentioned here.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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