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Video: Haunted Vineyard

The Haunted Vineyard was one of our favorite independent haunts, but alas its wavering autumnal candlelight was extinguished after only a few seasons. In retrospect, it is difficult to convey how supremely spooky the event was back in its day, because many of its haunt strategies have become commonplace now, such as using a real, immersive environment and allowing victims inside only in small groups so that the scare-actors could devote more personal attention to them. Let’s just say it was creepy as hell, using anticipation as much as shock, and two years after it closed in 2006, the Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween Haunt achieved something similar with Corn Stalkers in 2008.

Steve Cotroneo, the co-owner and creator of The Haunted Vineyard, has posted a video tribute to the haunt on YouTube. At over an hour in length, it’s a bit padded, but it does serve as a reminder of one of the great attractions now consigned to the Graveyard of Lost Halloween Haunts.

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