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In this video interview, Larry Bones of Boneyard FX explains how he decided to expand Into The Black into HorrorWorld for Halloween 2018. When it made its debut at the Pomona Fairgrounds last year, Into The Black was a single, intensely frightening haunted house walk-through; HorrorWorld, currently at the Puente Hills Mall, is a multi-haunt attraction with vendors, a virtual reality experience, and two more mazes.

“Our main thing that we learned last year was the fact that everyone loved Into The Black, but it was so distantly located that no one felt that there was anything left to do after the maze,” explains Bones. “We figured we needed to create a Halloween destination, so we put it out there to the other Haunts, and we had a great feedback on it, so we figured why not bring in some vendors and games and stuff like that.”

HorrorWorld’s two additional mazes are The Fleshyard and Psycho Sanitarium. The Fleshyard had been scaring Halloween fans in Anaheim for a few years; proprietor Adam LeBlanc responded enthusiastically when Bones started asking other haunts whether they would be interested in joining HorrorWorld.

Psycho Sanitarium is a new maze created to use the available space in the Puente Hills Mall.

HorroWorld Larry Bones Interview
Larry Bones

“Once we laid out our vendor floor we realized we had like 3,000 square feet behind it, so we decided to take advantage of it and create a brand new attraction,” says Bones. “It was something that a lot of people that work for me really wanted to do – a sanitarium style haunt.”

If HorrorWorld turns out to be a success, Bones has even bigger plans for Halloween 2019. “We wanted to start this new brand in its infancy, so what we’re hoping to do is to grow this thing by two to three times next year and bring in more  haunted attractions,” he says. “We’re looking at an empty Sears here in the mall for a next year.”

HorrorWorld continues October 26-31, from 6pm to midnight. Tickets are $20 for Into the Black and The Fleshyard, $15 for Psycho Sanitarium, and $45 for an All Access pass. The Puente Hills Mall is located at 1600 S Azusa Avenue in Rowland Heights, 91748. Get more info at HorrorWorld.biz.

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