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What happened to the Haunted Vineyard?

People have been asking me why the Haunted Vineyard is not open for business this Halloween. I should have checked up on this sooner, but I was too busy covering the haunts that are open.

Anyway, it turns out that the Vineyard was the victim of new fire regulations in Ontario, which prevented the use of their location. This means that, unless the regulations are changed, we will not be seeing the haunt in the Guasti location again, but the proprietors are exploring other venues for possible future use.

Below is the text of the offical response the Vineyard sent out to explain their absence in 2006. The text mentions the possiblity of contact the City of Ontario to get them to change the fire regulations so that the haunt may resume operation next year. Maybe it’s time to start a letter-writing campaign?

Greetings Steve,

And thank you for your inquiry regarding The Haunted Vineyard.

Unfortunately NO, The Haunted Vineyard will not be operating this October. With great sadness, we reached this decision after several of the local fire safety guidelines changed making it impossible for us to utilize the building at 3099 Guasti Road.

Though our time at the Guasti Plaza has ended, we at CIFX Corp. will continue to explore other possible venues for future haunted attractions that will have the style and quality that you have come to expect from The Haunted Vineyard. Please check our web site at www.TheHauntedVineyard.com, as we will be adding an E-mailing list and posting news of any of our future attractions there.

If you are interested in seeing The Haunted Vineyard once again at the Guasti Plaza location, please contact the City of Ontario and let them know.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

Jobu Danish Caretaker of The Haunted Vineyard